Michael R. Bernstein wrote:
On Thu, 2007-10-04 at 19:32 +0530, Baiju M wrote:
Jim Fulton wrote:
 Any objections?

 This would basically involve retiring the zope3-dev list and moving
 zope3 developers to the zope-dev list.

What about retiring #zope3-dev IRC channel and only using #zope ?

No. #zope is roughly the equivalent of the main zope list. There is no
#zope-dev channel.

Now, someone might suggest that the zope3-users list should be merged
with the main zope list, but that someone wouldn't be me. At least not
as long as there are separate releases being made.

In Plone, we have a -user and -dev list, and a single chatroom, #plone. We do have #plone-framework for the framework team and release manager, but this is much quieter and everyone who's in #plone-framework is also in #plone.

Obviously, this is about preference, but we find that having everyone in the same chatroom helps keep people in touch. Reading multiple mailing lists is not so hard - paying attention to multiple chatrooms at once is, and a -user room is pretty much useless if there are no experienced developers paying attention.

Also, on the subject of renaming things: Calling it zope-devel or similar may not be ideal, since people who develop with Zope (don't we all?) assume this is for any developers, not just core developers. Something like zope-general and zope-coredev may be better.


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