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> - We need to decide what a Zope 3 release is (or maybe 
> multiple flavors).  I favor copying the linux experiences, 
> but have an open mind.

I think there are two different point of views. Zope as a library
and Zope as a product.

I think you are asking for Zope 3 as a component library. 
As a developer I'm happy with this kind of library and don't 
need a Zope 3 application server release.

But I also see another point of view. Zope 3 as a product we 
can lobby for and a application server which is ready to use 
with a easy setup. e.g. windows installer or buildout, 
easy install. 

I think such a Zope 3 application server has the following 

- easy to install and ready to use for newbees or small projects
- a proof that we are able to setup such a working server
- a working setup which 3rd party developer can develop with
- a product which the sales can show and lobby for

But who will do this?
Probably we need a own community which picks up this
task and supports a Zope application server built 
with cool zope components out there.

I guess we will see some different Releases in the near
future based on zope components e.g. 

- Grok
- Z3C
- Plone 3.0 

What do you think is somebody interested in doing 
another release based on zope components?

And if so, does this make a Zope 3 release obsolate?

Roger Ineichen

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