it seems like we're going to deploy a pretty big installation on a combination of solaris / RHEL servers. the data storage of our application is based on ZODB (ZEO) and PostgreSQL (with STORM) plus NFS for extfile handling. so far it's planned to deploy ZEO, PostgreSQL and NFS on a fully redundant SUN Fire 440 with Solaris connected to a Hitachi/Sun StorEdge 9990 SAN. i know ZOPE has/had some issues on Solaris (http://www.zope.org/ Members/glpb/solaris) we're talking about ZEO/PostgreSQL only...

we guys at lovely systems don't have a lot of experience with solaris,
who of you guys is running ZEO on solaris? how does it perform?
we'd like to contract someone with solaris expertise in near future, volunteers - contact me :)

thanks for your feedback


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