Here is what I told my mother:

Zope 3 is a web development technology that focuses on code reuse, automated testing and security.
- Code reuse: we can do more in less time.
- Automated testing: Code reuse makes it a much have.
- And with automated testing we can actually prove that we implemented the security model we have agreed with our customers to use.

What I told my mother is much much less important than what I didn't tell her. I did not use words like library, server, python, zodb, sql etc.

Who are the people in the audience?

Business people -> yes
Non-programmers (but still IT) -> maybe
Programmers (non-python) -> more often that not
Programmers (python) -> yes
Zope 3 core developers -> never - already customers
Zope 2 programmers -> yes

The audience consist of people who will never (or at least very seldom) become contributers to the Zope 3 stack!?

Maybe we can learn from the javascript libraries? The first time you pick the whole package. Later when you have become more familiar with the library you only include the parts that you really need. But that is not how you start!

Zope 3 should IMO have a "click clack install" version that makes the first little app a piece of cake. Add to that a story about flexibility and automated testing; then even I would buy it ;)

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