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Christian Zagrodnick wrote:
I constantly run into the fact that the default namechooser in Zope 3 is too dumb.

Does anybody object in making it a little more smart? That is:

* replace all non us-ascii and otherwise harmful chars by something useful (base-form or alike)

Why would you want to replace all non-ASCII characters by default? Names of contained objects can be unicode, and URLs can contain unicode segments as well (encoded as UTF-8). Having the default namechooser make the arbitrary decision of disallowing everything that's not ASCII seems quite arbitrary.

Of course they can. But looking from the browser/user perspective any URL containing %XY looks just strange. Also those urls are often garbled by mail programms or alike.

* replace spaces by - or _

Again, object names may contain spaces. I don't understand why this should be the *default* policy. If you need this kind of stuff, then I suggest you write your own namechooser; it's quite trivial.

Of course it's trival. Only that I've *always* had to replace it with something else for every single project so far. So from my perspective the default might work but is sort of useless.

But well, maybe it's not work the effort since we've eggs now.

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