On Friday 11 February 2005 13:21, mathieu gendron wrote:
> i found a little more about my problem and this lead me to a new
> question... The users I created don't seem to have access to the interface
> IZopeDublinCore when they edit a component. When the component is modified,
> the method ModifiedAnnotators in zope\app\dublincore\timeannotators.py
> create a instance of IZopeDublinCore to modify the edit date. The
> permission zope.app.dublincore.change is needed to modify this but granting
> this permission also give access to the edit metadata page, what I'd like
> to avoid...
> so, is there a way to implement or adapt a DublinCore interface to my
> component that would give me access to the DublinCore attributes?

Okay, this issue has been reported in issue 373. We probably should simply 
remove the security proxy in the time annotator functions and set the 
annotations on the naked object.

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