Florian Lindner wrote:

I want to allow the user to give items a short description, like for a link:

Name: Zope
URL: http://zope.org
Description: Homepage of Zope, a web application server

Is it wise to use the metadata description field for that purpose or should I just add a TextLine attribute to the interface.

If this "description" has little or nothing to do with the actual item, but is only there for categorizing it or similar, I'd use the DublinCore 'description' field.

If it's good to use metadata: How can I directly use metadata from ZPTs?

Through the 'zope' TALES namespace, e.g. obj/zope:description. Not all DublinCore metadata is available through that, though. See zope.tales.interfaces.ITALESFunctionNamespace for a list of available names.


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