Hello everyone,

as most of us developers know, Zope 3 gains acceptance every day. But there is 
still a large crowd of people that is not convinced of its goodness. I think 
this is partially due to the fact that companies have been very quiet about 
their usage of Zope 3. So I thought a good way to promote Zope 3 would be to 
conduct a series of interviews with people that built applications using Zope 

But I need your help to collect a comprehensive list of people/projects using 
Zope 3. Here is my first stab (no particular order):


Company: Canonical
People: Steve, ...


Company: Shuttleworth Foundation + Contributors
People: Marius, Albertas, Tom (Hoffman), ... 


Company: Projekt 01
People: Roger, Dominik

<project name unknown>

company: Zope Corp.
people: Jim, Gary, Benji


company: Knowledge Media Research Center
people: Uwe


company: CIGNEX Technologies
people: Michel

<project name unknown>

company: Virginia Tech.
people: Jim Washington

<project name unknown>

company: PDX Technical
people: Dylan Reinhardt


company: varius contributors
people: Martijn, Philipp, ...

TextIndexNG 3

company: ZOPYX Software
people: Andreas

Then there are of course various Five-based projects, but I am not familiar 
with them. Can anyone enlighten me here? Also, if I forgot any project, 
please tell me about it! It does not have to be a commercial product either!

Oh yeah, and please don't be shy to come forward with your project! :-)

Stephan Richter
CBU Physics & Chemistry (B.S.) / Tufts Physics (Ph.D. student)
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