Douglas Douglas wrote:
Hi everybody.

I'm starting my graduation project at school and decided to use Zope3 (hope it
won't be too difficult!). The project is about developing a website for high
school students in El Salvador (Central America) to load and retrieve
environmental data acquired from data loggers (similar to the GLOBE program

The first part of the project is about creating user accounts for the website.
There should be an administrator who will create Schools (having an easy user
interface for this). I thought of creating Schools as containers because inside
each school the administrator will create one Teacher (like a
sub-administrator) who will be responsible for creating Student accounts for
that school. Students will be responsible for loading data in CSV files to the
website and retrieving charts and tables from it (my scary part!).

Each teacher and student will be able to browse other schools data, but they
won't be able to load anything, but only inside their own school.

In the New Principal-Source Plug-ins chapter of Stephan's book, he explains
about creating a plug-in for reading text files with user information. I was
thinking about doing something like this, but using the ZODB. Is it possible to
store Principals information in the ZODB? If it is, how can I accomplish this?

I've also read the Security section of the API Documentation Book, but I'm not
sure how to start. Maybe the Principal Home Folder would be a good option for
restricting users to load data only to their own school. I'm almost sure I have
to use PAU, but again don't know how to get going. :(

Hoping to get some pointers and willing to read anything you recommend, I wish
you all good day.

Probably the best pointer I can give you is to buy my book ( The problem of creating and managing users through the web is explained in there. It doesn't even require the use PAU.


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