You might want to have a look at SQLOS. See

Nahh. I've seen sqlobject before. I just don't like it. In *my* object-oriented definition, any OR mapping is highly "un-object-oriented".

1. How can I get the "dbconection" ?  My database is Microsoft SQL
Server. My dbapi is adodbapi.
Should I study gadflyda code and try to implement adodbapida for this ?

You need to implement a Database Adapter for adodbapi. See

for examples. It is pretty easy.

Ahh, yes. I've already implement it by just looking at gadfly example. Very easy indeed. However, there are still some little problem. Making connection via ADO/OLE DB inside zope is unreasonably slow (2 minute). I don't know why. But it might be something
OLE DB/COM-related rather that zope issue.

By the way, I just wonder who design the zope "dsn" spec ? I find hard time to fit OLE DB connection string to the spec. The param's value is not allowed to be quoted so that I value can be in form of nesting "param=value". The "parseDSN" is too

I now just ignore the spec and use plain OLE DB connection string as the dsn value

2. Since is to be used as a local
service, that mean there will be
one instance per thread like other zodb object; is that correct ?  Will
the connection be flushed away
after a transaction finished ? If yes, how to avoid that ?

No, the connection is kept as far as I can tell.

Yes you are right. After spending sometime with source code, I finally manage to understand how things work.

3. What I should do in case that sometime my database might be
unavailable, and I want my connection
to be reestablished where it come back. How can I detect those events
and reestablish the connection
when the certain type of exception was raised (like connection closed by
network error)

You would have to write special application-level code to handle this. For example, you could try to send a test query to check for the connection. If no response is received, you create a new connection.

I've also solved this problem with my customized ZopeConnection (zope dbi connection wrapper) that will test the connection and close it if it's broken, whenever the transaction was rollback.


Thanks.  Your book is just right here. (Weitershausen is in shipping also)

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