On 6/23/05, Corey <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Appologies if some of these questions seem naive, I'm just beginning to more
> thoroughly delve into zope3 - of which I've been very impressed so far.
> However - is it just me, or does zope3 seem to require a rather massive amount
> of configuration?

Well... no. And yes.

*Developing* requires a lot of configuration, yes.
> Is that specifically an artifact of Component Architectures in general?  Or is
> this by design?

This is by design, and it's an artifact of many component
architectures. At least the good ones. The idea is that you take
components, and configure them for use. This idea, which came to
general notice with visual basic, has in Zope3 been merged with
similar ideas in development, known as "aspect oriented development",
where you make little objects that implement an "aspect" and the use
configuration to tie them together.

It is, I must say, all in all fucking brilliant. Excuse my french.

> Generally how much of any particular configure.zcml could - practically
> speaking - be modified in a usefull manner?

Most of it.

> Am I just looking at it wrong? Perhaps the basic idea is small amounts of
> code, and large amounts of configuration/meta-programming via zcml?


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