Am Samstag, 9. Juli 2005 02:20 schrieb aaron wang:
> hi all,
> I am a newcomer to python & zope, I read some materials, and want to know
> wheather I could start on zope3 without experience on zope2. I want start
> on my learning by  constructing a small website, but I don't have right
> book/tutorial for reference.
> Thanks your reply in advance

Hi Aaron,
there are currently two books around. Stephans Zope3 book is more a reference 
guide. It is available both online and printed. The online version can be 
found at 
But at the moment the printed version is much more recent that the online 

Philipps book is more aimed toward beginners and available only printed. The 
homepage is

A good starting point for all kinds of Zope3 documentation is

BTW: This is the list for people developing Zope3, not for people developing 
_with_ Zope3.  ;-) would be more appropriate  for your 
question. ( I'm alos posting a 
follow up there.

Hope that helps,

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