[Tim Cook]
> Installing Zope-3.1.0b1 on Fedora Core 4
> I didn't see these erros in any previous mailing list post nor did I
> find a bug collector.
> gcc (GCC) 4.0.0 20050519 (Red Hat 4.0.0-8)

All the compilation warnings you got were due to using gcc4; they're
nuisance complaints, essentially complaining about that gcc4 itself
decides to treat an unqualified "char" declaration as if it were
"signed char".  This means you get a nuisance nag whenever C code
passes an "unsigned char *" to PyString_FromStringAndSize, which
declares its pointer-to-char argument as plain "char *", because
PyString_FromStringAndSize couldn't care less whether the box decides
to treat unqualifed char as signed or unsigned (C doesn't define which
they are -- it's the compiler's choice).

Adding a pile of annoying casting to the C code will make those
warnings go away, but they're not pointing out any real problems, so
ignore them.

> installed python version 2.3.5 prior to attempting install of Zope3.

[skipped a mass of nags about calls to PyString_FromStringAndSize]

> ..and the last several lines of 'make check'

This is the only interesting part.  It might help if you posted again,
skipping all the compiler warnings (which aren't interesting), and
gave the full output from `make check`.

While I doubt it matters, it's possible that some bug in gcc4 is
creating actual problems.  Trying again with an earlier version of gcc
would settle that question.  Since (AFAIK) nobody before mentioned the
pile of new warnings gcc4 produces, it's possible you're the first to
try Zope's C code under gcc4.
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