On Monday 11 July 2005 00:15, Chris Withers wrote:
> Well, it's ALMOST true, since you guys have done so much amazing work
> since I last looked in!

Sorry for the delayed answer.

> Anyway, as a newbie, I got some questions:
> - What docs should I read first?

- Read my and Phillip's books. They should get you started very well in 
developing useful code.

- Read the README.txt files in the packages. They became a major focus point 
of our in-code documentation.

- Look at the API doctool for references and dynamic API documentation. The 
API doctool also organizes most README.txt files into some sort of structure 
and provides a nice overview of them.

> - How do I get Zope 3 up and running on Windows, and what's the "best"
> version for me to try?

Use Zope 3.1 beta 1. There is a Windows isntaller.

> - Where can I find good reference docs? What books should I buy?

API doctool. http://localhost:8080/++apidoc++

Since the API docs are generated dynamically, it will have as little or as 
much as you have packages installed. In fact, you can even include your third 
party packages using some ZCML. See the ZWiki pacakge.

> - Are there any good example apps I can look at so I can build "my first
> app", which is likely to be Swishdot ;-)

ZWiki and Bugtracker, both in the trunk, are two sample apps, but have not 
been modernized for a while. My book also features the messageboard package, 
which is in good shape I think.

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