Hi List,

I'm finally getting into the swing of Zope 3 development, and I've
been doing a bit of thinking on how to integrate everything with
The general process I've settled on is as follows (this is all
happening on a development server):

1.SVN Update Code locally
2.Edit Code
3.Test Code on local Zope
4.SVN Check-in Code from local
5.SVN Check-out/Update code on development server
6.Test Code on development Zope
1.If successful, restart development Zope.
2.If unsuccessful?

The problem I have is how to automate steps 5 and on. I could put
hooks into Subversion, but without some tricks, it seems like it would
result in a lot of processing and restarts on the development server.

Another idea I had, and the one that intrigues me the most at the
moment, is making each component capable of updating itself. I really
have no idea how it should work, if it's at all feasible, or
advisable. Any hints or suggestions on this?
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