On Aug 8, 2005, at 2:52 PM, Andreas Reuleaux wrote:

Here's the modified example that I'd want to check if I am doing

  def alternateViews(self):
    browser_menu = zapi.getUtility(IBrowserMenu, 'alternate_views')
    return browser_menu.getMenuItems(self.context, self.request)

Am I doing this properly?

I haven't tried  your solution

  zapi.getUtility(IBrowserMenu, 'alternate_views')

(I doubt it works)

Well, to get the code, I traced through what the old version did (line by line) and what the new version does, and when I tested it on Philipp's code, it worked...

 but I had the same problem some time ago, and
Philipp had pointed out to me that there are simpler solutions now -
both of them worked fine for me (his original e-mail to me in German
below, the English translation is mine):

Wow -- thanks for taking the time to translate that :-) Very cool of you. Good info, too.


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