On Monday 29 August 2005 11:41, Christoph Frick wrote:
> as part of the customization of my product by the "end-user" (the admin
> that wants to install this software) there is need for a python-script
> (or whatever) that basically transforms an uploaded file into a bunch of
> objects (parses the file if you wish).
> with our current zope2 ttw app we just force an external method with a
> certain name to exist in the root-folder of the product and thats it.
> my goal for the new product is to have only the basic parser (and no
> longer the logic for handling the data then). but once somebody wants to
> install my product he/she needs to customize this for its needs.
> so basically (thinking in big terms of component based programming - or
> at least as far as i thing i understood it):
> one needs to write an adapter for my product, so it "adapts" for the
> game one wants to represent in its instance. in terms of the good ole OO
> - one would subclass my product and override the e.g. upload method. in
> terms of design i would consider the approach of an abstract method
> upload, that has to be implemented a lot cleaner.

I think what you want are wizards. You can create wizards on many levels, 
including add forms.

You could also develop views that are wizards for certain setups. All of those 
things are not really hard problems. It's just a lot of work, since you have 
to code the wizard screens.

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