Alec Munro wrote:

I have a content component that has a property that is a dictionary,
the keys of which are objects (content components themselves). The
values are lists of strings. I've tried implementing this a couple
different ways, but each time I restart, the dictionary comes up
I've tried initializing the dictionary as a standard dictionary, a
peristent dictionary, and as a field property. The results are the
same in any case.
Is there a problem with using objects as dictionary keys in this circumstance?

What I am trying to do is provide additional information relevant to
an object (the keys) specific to a given location (the original
content component). If there is another simple way to do this, I would
appreciate hearing it.

IMO, regularly immutable objects are used as keys. -> reason for intid-utility.
You could use the inids ( utility) to associate those objects.

(The package could be another interesting approach for instance specific subscriptions.)

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