Ok, here we go. The package is located at http://xgm.de/addform.tar.gz. Simple 
register it (a cs-configure.zcml is provided) and start Zope (SVN version), 
you'll see the error.

To check the intended behavior:

0) Start Zope successfully (first important step!)
1) Create a ContentFolder named cs.
2) Go to http://horus:8080/++skin++centershock/cs/
3) The menu on the left should show a entry "Link" under "Items to add"
4) This entry should link to /++skin++centershock/cs/+/%40%40AddCSLink.html, 
NOT to the URL but withount the /+/ (what the Folder link does at the 
moment), since this method is broken somehow.

Thanks for you help,


Am Donnerstag, 29. September 2005 14:45 schrieb Julien Anguenot:
> Yup please. I could investigate much more easily.
>       J.
> Florian Lindner wrote
> > Hi,
> > no one any more ideas?  *desperated* I can't really believ that this
> > error has not occured to anyone else, since IMO it is very a standard
> > situation...
> >
> > Would it help if I create a small package which demonstrates the error?
> >
> > Thx,
> >
> > Florian
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