I am trying to search my content objects on their creation datetime. For
example, a user can enter From and To dates and I would like to retrieve
all content objects based on the date range.

I am thinking I should be using a catalog for this and went about
creating an adapter for the content I would like to search providing the
following interface:

class IContentCreated(Interface):
    contentCreated = Datetime(title=_(u"Content Created Time"))

Then I created a catalog with field index named `created` on
IContentCreated interface and contentCreated field.

But now I am stuck on how to search the catalog based on a date range. I
guess I am trying to do something like 

my_catalog.searchResults( ??? created > fromDate  created < toDate ??? )

Or maybe catalog not the way to go and I should be going straight to the

Thanks in advance

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