On 10/6/05, Chris Leonello <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Stack size doesn't seem to be the issue.  The HP box is set
> to 31116 Kb.  The recommendation on early releases of Mac
> OS X was 4096 Kb.  Good idea though!
> Does anyone have any ideas on why the unittest would fail?
> Specifically, the testLargeBody method in test_httpserver.py?
> it calls a method "loop":
> def loop(self):
>     self.thread_started.set()
>     while self.run_loop:
>         self.counter = self.counter + 1
>         #print 'loop', self.counter
>         poll(0.1)
> which loops forever.  Why would this happen on HP-UX and
> not on other systems?  I'm not to familiar with socket
> programming and the poll() call.  Is there some peculiarity
> with the underlying poll() and select() calls on HP-UX
> that I have to make adjustments for?
> I really appreciate any tips or insight!

Where did you get the python you are using on HP-UX from? Did you
build it yourself? I believe you also said you were using python
2.3.<something>. Does Zope 3 require python 2.4?

Also, how current is your system on HP-UX quality pack bundles? You
said you are running 11.0, which while supported, is a bit long in the

Jeff D
(newbie list subscriber, trying to learn about Zope 3)
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