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Ronald L Chichester wrote:

In chapter 4 of Philipp's book, he runs the python interpreter from
the command line and imports several zope modules.  I tried doing that
from /usr/local/zope3Instance/lib/python/productX but python said the
zope modules were unavailable.  Is there some trick to this?  Did I
miss a configuration?

Note, the instance of Zope3 was/is running properly.

You have to set the PYTHONPATH environment variable, see page 9 of
Philipp's book.

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Note that you can enter debug mode from the python interpreter for your zope instance. As mentioned above, you need to have your PYTHONPATH set to include the path to your <zope 3 install>/lib/python dir. Then just do this:

cd <zope instance>
> > > from zope.app.debug import Debugger
> > > debugger = Debugger('var/Data.fs', 'etc/site.zcml')"
> > > root = debugger.root()

and then you're off and running...

For more details, see http://svn.zope.org/Zope3/trunk/doc/DEBUG.txt


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