On Oct 6, 2005, at 12:25 PM, James Allwyn wrote:

Thanks for the tips.

I may be forgetting something here... but this should certainly give
you a head start. There's a bunch of very good information on this in
these files:


Hmmm, looking through these again, these are really good examples. Pay
more attention to them than to what I wrote above ;-)

I've tried making the poll demo as described in widgets.txt to get the
hang of this, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to work.

I never actually used that one. I used the example in objectwidget.txt, and it came out fine for me...

I'm pretty sure I've copied and pasted all the sections of the demo
from the widgets.txt file into the right files, but I could have done
something else stupid. Or is there something genuinely amiss with the

Any thoughts?

I have no experience with that demo... Looks like it was added updated 7 months ago by Roger Ineichen and hasn't been edited/updated since. Perhaps he can provide feedback?

As for the objectwidget, I'd recommend giving that one a whirl, and it proved a source of functional inspiration for the code I ended up writing (which worked).


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