At this post method, do I redirect to a URL like ./edit.html?field.passwd=KDJFKJA ? It is not cool. Are there any ways?

Why you don't post to "edit.html" from "password.html"?

Yes, it worked. It seems I was being confused.

zapi.queryView has been deprecated. You should use queryMultiAdapter.
queryMultiAdapter((self.context, request), name=name)

Okay, but, why returning a message object (subob) does not work? I just want to know. It is weird.

if MessageBoardTraverser works well, you can protect "edit.html"
from invalid access.

It seems I was misunderstanding again. Yes, it prohibited the direct access http://localhost:8080/messageboardobject/messageobject/edit.html, rather, it prohibits all access under /messageobject/. I have other views like http://.../messageboardobject/messageobject/show.html. So, I added codes to publishTraverse() by imitating parent's ContainerTraverse like

    def publishTraverse(self, request, name):
        if name == 'edit.html':
            subob = self._guessTraverse(request, name)
            if subob is not None:
               view = zapi.queryMultiAdapter((subob, request),
               if view is not None:
                   return view
            raise NotFound(subob, name, request)

            subob = self.context.get(name, None)
            if subob is None:
                view = zapi.queryMultiAdapter((self.context, request),
                if view is not None:
                    return view

                raise NotFound(self.context, name, request)

            return subob

After 'else:' this is traversing everything if there is accesses like 'messageboardobject/messageobject/show.html' except 'messageboardobject/edit.html'.
Is this the most efficient way?

And, why returning subob works here, and it did not work before (inside of 'if name == 'edit.html':'). How should I understand what returning subob does. This is optional question. If you know this, please let me know. Thanks.

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