Several of us in the Dallas area Python user group (<>) are getting interested in Zope3 development, but not all have joined the Zope3-users mailing list. Here is a question about Postgres and psycopg that came up on our user group mailing list. Any info about this would be appreciated...

At 1:59 AM -0500 10/24/05, Jeff Rush wrote:
Since you're on that list and I'm not yet, could you please ask them WHICH
versions of software are required to use PostgreSQL?  They say its the most
popular database adapter for Zope 3 so someone must have figured it out.  And
the DA was written by the same guy that wrote the Zope 3 book.

The actual tarball for "psycopgda" is 10 months old and doesn't install
(missing psycopgdb-configure.zcml file) and the newer copy I checked out of
the Zope subversion repository failed with a "psycopg module doesn't supply a
'new_type' method".  Remember in class we had differences between Psycopg
v1.0 and v2.0.  I'd like someone to clearly state the working set of versions
of stuff.

It appears the sequence is:

  psycopgdb Zope 3 database adapter (two versions of this)
      psycopg Python DB-API interface to the PostgreSQL client libraries
        (and at least two versions of this)

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