Hi all,
on a fresh install of zope3.1final, and then again when running from the latest update out of the Trunk, I end up with the following when I attempt to register a catalog:

ComponentLookupError: (<InterfaceClass zope.app.intid.interfaces.IIntIds>, '')

the relevant portion of the traceback is:

Module zope.tales.tales, line 695, in evaluate
return _expression_(self)
- /home/jtaylor/zopetrunk/Zope3/src/zope/app/form/browser/add.pt
- Line 19, Column 8
- _expression_: <PathExpr standard:u'view/update'>
- Names:
{'args': (),
'context': <zope.app.catalog.catalog.Catalog object at 0xb39d33ac>,
'default': <object object at 0xb7f9b540>,
'loop': {},
'nothing': None,
'options': {},
'repeat': {},
'request': <zope.publisher.browser.BrowserRequest instance URL="" href="http://localhost:8080/++etc++site/default/SiteCatalog/addRegistration.html"> http://localhost:8080/++etc++site/default/SiteCatalog/addRegistration.html>,
'template': <zope.app.pagetemplate.viewpagetemplatefile.ViewPageTemplateFile object at 0xb69feaac>,
'usage': < zope.pagetemplate.pagetemplate.TemplateUsage object at 0xb394e8ec>,
'view': <zope.app.pagetemplate.simpleviewclass.SimpleViewClass from add.pt object at 0xb394ea2c>,
'views': < zope.app.pagetemplate.viewpagetemplatefile.ViewMapper object at 0xb3956e8c>}
Module zope.tales.expressions, line 204, in __call__
return self._eval(econtext)
Module zope.tales.expressions, line 198, in _eval
return ob()
Module zope.app.form.browser.add, line 62, in update
Module zope.app.form.browser.add, line 127, in createAndAdd
notify(ObjectModifiedEvent(content, description))
Module zope.event, line 23, in notify
Module zope.app.event.dispatching, line 66, in dispatch
for ignored in subscribers(event, None):
Module zope.component, line 181, in subscribers
return sitemanager.subscribers(objects, interface)
Module zope.component.site, line 89, in subscribers
return self.adapters.subscribers(required, provided)
Module zope.interface.adapter, line 487, in subscribers
subscribers = [subscription(*objects)
Module zope.app.catalog.catalog, line 144, in reindexDocSubscriber
id = zapi.getUtility(IIntIds, context=cat).queryId(ob)
Module zope.component, line 257, in getUtility
raise ComponentLookupError(interface, name)
ComponentLookupError: (<InterfaceClass zope.app.intid.interfaces.IIntIds>, '')

I saw a similar post to this on the zope3-users list in sept sometime, but I wasn't working with catalogs then, so it didn't really stick out to me.
url to the post is here. not exactly the same issue I'm running into, but close.


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