Pete Taylor wrote:
Hi all, on a fresh install of zope3.1final, and then again when
running from the latest update out of the Trunk, I end up with the
following when I attempt to register a catalog:

ComponentLookupError: (<InterfaceClass>, '')

I saw a similar post to this on the zope3-users list in sept
sometime, but I wasn't working with catalogs then, so it didn't
really stick out to me.

url to the post is here
not exactly the same issue I'm running into, but close.
Hi Pete,
That's my posting. The catalog depends on an unnamed IntId utility.
You first need to add and register (no name) a Unique Id utility in your ++etc++site/default site management folder. Then add your catalog(s) using the Site Management page. These end up in your ++etc++site/tools sm folder. If you need to do this programmatically I can send some code snippets based on the the response on my original posting (by Gary Poster).
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