On Wed, Oct 26, 2005 at 02:54:27PM -0400, Derrick Hudson wrote:
| I experienced this problem too.  I thought I fixed or worked around it
| a while ago, though.  I may have just hacked my system.
| Some notes about this:
|     - it is the output (view) that produces the error
|     - add and edit work fine
|     - Word has nothing to do with the problem (any source of non-ascii
|         data will have the same effect)
|     - I don't remember if the problem is in zwiki or docutils
| Hmm, now that I think about it, the problem might be fixed in a newer
| version of docutils.  I'll make a note to revisit this when I have
| a few minutes.  If you don't want to wait, you might search the
| zope3-dev list and the Collector to see if I mentioned it there.

Ok, here are the facts that I dug up:

    - my installation still has the problem;  I am ignoring it for now
      because it's not immediately critical, I don't want to replace
      the unicode with ascii, and the problem will be fixed "later"

    - my installation is still on Zope 3.0.0

    - Zope includes docutils, which performs the actual ReST->HTML
          Zope 3.0.0 has :
            # Revision: $Revision: 1.1 $
            # Date: $Date: 2003/07/30 20:14:04 $
          Zope 3.1.0 has :
            # Revision: $Revision: 3374 $
            # Date: $Date: 2005-05-26 23:21:48

With this information to refresh my memory, I think I decided to look
into and resolve this issue a while ago.  In doing so I discovered
that the new(er) zwiki+docutils in the trunk (at the time) already
worked.  At least, that's what I remember now.  I can't find any
mention of this in the zope3-dev archives.

I just tried two new tests -- I used my Zope 3.1.0 installation and
tried it with both the older zwiki that is in my current instance and
the current version on the trunk.  Both versions fail, but with
different errors.  The older version fails with encoding/decoding
errors.  Just for fun I replaced 'html = str(source)' on line 120 of
zwiki/browser/wikipage.py with 'html = source'.  Doing this causes the
unicode character to display fine for me (using firefox on ubuntu
which is set to expect UTF-8).  The trunk version fails with a

My immediate recommendation for you is
    1)  file a bug report in the collector
    2)  replace 'html = str(source)' on line 120 of
        zwiki/browser/wikipage.py with 'html = source' and see if that
        works for you.


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