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Stephan Richter wrote:

with October winding down, the freeze on the trunk is coming quickly. So, if you have any outstanding work, now is the time to get it done. During the last week I have monitored the proposals and branches a bit and I think most people are done with their work.


Did I miss anyone? Now is the time to speak up!

yes, I'd like to see the "Better XML support for PT" proposal as well :


I'll take time to finish the remaining issues around this in the
following days and we'll be able to discuss it after this.

Is it ok for everybody ?

I think this is too risky for this release:

1. This change seems to be pretty controversial.  There is a lot of
   fear that this will cause browser compatability problems.  I think
   this fear can only be addressed by an alpha release and it's too
   late for that for the december Zope releases.

2. I get the impression from talking to Fred that there is still a lot
   of work required to land this and that a significant amount of
   his time would likely be required.   I'm worrid that this could
   be a major source of instability and I think we have enough of
   those already.

I suggest the following:

- You keep working on your branch and get it to the point that it is
  *stable* and ready to merge.

- Soon after the 3.2 release branch is made in early November, you
  merge your stable branch to the trunk and we'll make a 3.3 alpha release
  that people can use to try out this change.  We'll let it be known
  that the change will be included in 3.3 unless people discover serious
  client-compatibility problems created by the change.  You could use this
  release or the trunk for your xmlforms experiments.


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