Stephan Richter wrote:
On Saturday 29 October 2005 20:50, Wade Leftwich wrote:

Stephan Richter wrote:

On Saturday 29 October 2005 11:35, Paolo Cilmo wrote:

I need to develop a site
using ZMI (Zope2 typical using) and especially i want
to develop this applications:

We do not support TTW development.

1- I've a package with a class and into the class a
2- with browser:addMenuItem in zcml i can insert a
package into zmi from "add menu"
3- I've a Page Template into ZMI
ASK: how i call from the Page Template the script,
passig parameters and to have a response from script?

Why do you need to have this Page Template in ZMI? Why not on the file

I'm working on an application where Page Templates belong in the ZMI, at
least I think so. The content being displayed is a business directory,
with suppliers, products, and categories for those products. We will be
implementing 50 different directories, with the same basic content
structure but very different designs. Each of those directories will use
5 or 6 page templates, which go in the ZMI.

Why not have those templates on the file system? Is there a need for users to modify those templates?

Yes, users with the job description "web producers", which is to say people who can do HTML and a bit of scripting, but who do not get access to the file system. Kind of like the Zope 2 model. We even use acquisition.

Also, it seemed to me unwieldy to put 50 directories in the filesystem to contain the templates for all the sites. But because of my experience with Zope 2, I assumed TTW was the best way to customize the application for each site, and I guess I should re-examine that assumption.

It seems like this is a common pattern for content management applications.

Maybe, I don't know.

Repeating my own posting from 10/9, here's how I made an adapter
to use a file system view with a ZMI template:

Again, we do not support TTW development. If you do such experiments that's great, but you cannot expect much help.

Well, my project is _mostly_ filesystem, and only _partly_ TTW. But OK, I won't expect much help.



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