On Monday 14 November 2005 06:44, Johan Carlsson wrote:
> One of the hardest problem has been how to get information about my
> Image object from the view.
> In the ObjectWidget view the context is the field, the field in it's
> turn as a context that is the content object.
> So what I've done so far is just to climb up the context tree to
> get to an object not defining a context (and that has been the content
> object I'm after, but this strategy doesn't work when adding a content
> object for instance, because there isn't a content object too be found.)
> So I'm looking for a good generic way to find the content object (or
> None if it doesn't exist).

Well, there are basically two use cases:

(1) The field is bound and in this case the context of the field is the 

(2) The field is not bound and thus there is no content object.

I think those two cases are not too hard to handle, or am I wrong?

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