On Thursday 05 January 2006 06:10, Marco Groppo wrote:
> Il giorno mer, 04/01/2006 alle 19.07 -0500, Jim Fulton ha scritto:
> > Did you have the problem with beta 2?
> Sorry, I'm an idiot. Yesterday I didn't read the access log, so I didn't
> notice that the problem was Firefox... The problem was due to a Firefox
> extension (FasterFox) which I installed sometime ago (I had even
> forgotten of its existence...). This extension periodically downloads
> all static pages linked by the current page; since the names of the
> views usually finish in .html it thinks that they are static
> pages :-( and when the browser loads the ZMI page it gets in background
> /@@find.html, /@@grant.html,... and of course: /@@undo.html!
> I'm really sorry, I should have read the log yesterday :-(
> (the reason why I didn't notice this problem with previous versions is
> that probably I didn't have FasterFox enabled...)

Darn, this is a dangerous feature. Sigh.

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