On Saturday 14 January 2006 20:51, Jeff Shell wrote:
> It is annoying to see the MessageIDFactory deprecation warnings. I
> only have those and use those because I copied and pasted from
> something else and ran with it. For people like me, someone needs to
> write a "Basic Zope 3 Internationalization For Ignorant Americans". My
> customers don't need it, but if I don't provide it in some places,
> Zope 3 yells at me and then I feel sad... So knowing when you need
> them, when you need the i18n_domain in ZCML, would be nice. But this
> has never stopped me from charging ahead with Zope 3.

Just to comfort you a little bit, this was very heavily discussed when we 
originally decided to add those warnings. On the one hand we do not want to 
force people that do not need I18n to deal with it, but on the other hand we 
need to give people that do care some feedback where their I18n is not fully 

I agree a nice how-to for the uninitiated would be nice (and not too hard to 

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