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- is there any "conception strategy" associated with Zope3 ?

What is a "conception strategy"?

Sounds like he wants a architectural direction document, some kind of document saying "we created Zope 3 for the following reasons...". Other than fun, of course, like what problems in Zope 2 is it trying to solve.

- is there any place where I could find good and small applications
samples or tutorials, notably about viewlets ?

Well, you already have the Zope 3 book. There is also http://worldcookery.com/

Ah, keyword here is "viewlets". Neither of the books discuss viewlets or portlets. The only real documentation I've found is within the Zope 3 source, the .txt file that both documents and provide test scenarios.

The whole model of viewlets/portlets, how to skin/theme, etc. could really use a nice online tutorial, even though Zope 3 is currently undergoing transition in this area.

- I've understood that a Zope2 application is absolutely incompatible
with Zope3, but is there any way and/or strategy to convert a Zope2
application and it's database to Zope3 ?

No, you currently have to rewrite the application. Zope 2 and Zope 3
are gaining compatbility through what is known as "Five" but that's
mostly interesting if you want to prepare to a move to Zope 3 in the

But if you wrote the Zope 2 app carefully, there are strategies to make it easier. Like: keep your data in an RDB, use an external CSS to factor out presentation, use an external user authentication source like LDAP, package your SQL queries using SQLMethods. Just those help a lot for portability.


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