Hi Andreas

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> > FWIW the classic Zope 3 solution is to say "Don't do that in the
> > template!  Do it in the view class!".  I'll let others add vigor, if
> > they wish. I just wanted you to know the "purist" answer in case you
> > cared. ;-)
> >
> If you have only one python: statement within your template 
> then a view 
> class is pretty much overhead (and a waste of manpower to write it)...
> just my 2 cents,
> -aj
Don't forget about the better overview in the project if you put
application logic in view classes.
(No more page template reading and macro searching for a code review)

And there are also security related aspects. Doing to much
in ZPT will force scripters to map methods to the traversal namespace
and ends in accessing context attributes in ZPT like context/@@title

Roger Ineichen

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