Sorry if I ask a question that is already asked a gazillion times, but I was not able to find the obvious answer.

I'm rather new to Zope 3 and I have done a fair amount of Zope 2 development and was used to be able to create dynamic menus by iterating over the objects in the root container (site root) and traversing all the way down (or as far as i wanted). That was sort of easy because every object in Zope 2 has an absolute_url method as well as a title_or_id method.

But although I understand Zope 3 has something like that too, I'm unclear how to achieve that every object provides an absolute_url method. Possibly Zope 3 has a far superior way of achiving the same goal. As a Zope 3 newbie I understand Zope 3 aims to require being explicit, yet I did like some of the implicit behavior of Zope 2 a lot. For instance I still think acquisition is bad by definition.. Maybe you should be able to turn it on or off at the folder level.

A related questions is: is there an obvious way to get the site url (or object) other then just knowing the name?

Can anyone point me in the right direction? BTW I have Stephan's book and ordered Phillip's book but that didn't arrive yet.


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