Well, one could have a base class along the lines of

class PersistSetItemOnAttributes:

    def __setattr__( self, attr, val ):
        oldSI = val.__class__.__dict__.get( '__setitem__', None )
        if oldSI is not None:
            def newSI( vself, vattr, vval ):
                vself._p_changed = True     # is this the right member?
                oldSI( vattr, vval )        # oldSI is bound: no vself?
            val.__class__.__setitem__ = newSI
        super( PersistSetItemOnAttributes, self ).__setattr__( attr, val

Of course, this is really just pseudocode. For one thing, need to trap
whether 'val' is really a class. For another if you were serious about
this, you would want to check if the obj wasn't persistent first, and
you might want to do it recursively. And while your are at it, you might
want to check on other mutators as well....(for instance, check first
what sequence interface if any 'val' supports...)

... sounds like too much work, and would be problem prone even so. After
all, some things you don't want to be persistent!

- Shaun
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> On Wednesday 15 February 2006 08:21, Peter Bengtsson wrote:
> > class PersistentAnything(PersistentMapping, PersistentList,
> > PersistentDict):
> AAhhhh! This is so wrong! It merges two incompatible APIs: collections
> mappings. The non-persistent equivalent to this is:
>   >>> class DoEverything(set, list, dict):
>   ...  pass
> > Am I just trying to make it too simple?
> I think you try far too hard to not understand why the persistent
> mechanism
> works as it does. You make your life harder than it has to be.
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