Hi all,

I've been developing an app, and I keep running into this problem. 
Briefly, the object view loaded in my page will be one step out of
sync with a change I make on the object.  This seems to be something
very basic that I am missing, but I have not been able to find an
appropriate fix and instead rely on the simple workaround of pressing
"refresh" in my browser.

By way of an example, I have a parent container with child objects. 
In the container page template view, I have a simple input form that
calls a function deleting all child objects.

    <td colspan="7" tal:define="result view/formClearAll">
        <input type="submit" name="CLEAR_ALL" value="Clear All"/>

When I press "Clear All", the new page shows the views on the old
child objects.  When I press refresh, the new page now correctly has
removed the child objects.

Can someone please give me a pointer on how to remedy this and get my
views back in sync?

Thank you,
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