Joel Moxley wrote:
>>> ** What is the best way to use a formlib EditForm to redirect a user
>>> after applying changes without fully cloning a "handle_edit_action"
>>> method? **
>> I'm doing it this way :
>>     def render(self):
>>         if self.errors is None or self.errors:
>>             return super(EditPerson, self).render()
>>         self.request.response.redirect('..')
>> Jürgen
> Thanks Jürgen!  That works perfectly for me.
> Looking one step forward, I would like to redirect the user back to
> the previous page from whence they came (without using sessions).  I
> figure I am going to need to stash that value on my EditForm class and
> then pull it up during the redirect in my render method.  I've done my
> best to explore this, but I can't figure out where the previous page
> information will be available on my EditForm.
> ** Where should I stash previous page information for future redirects
> on my EditForm? **

That's also an unsolved use case I have.

The 'default' template of 'FormBase' contains the slot 'extra_info'
which could be filled with some hidden input fields.

I defined a new template for my own EditForm.

But now I would like to use the existing template in formlib
'' and fill the slot but don't know how.

Is this a possible way and the right way ?

How can I use the existing template ?
  It must be useable with metal:use-macro somehow.



Jürgen Kartnaller

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