I am trying to install 3.2.0 on Windows XP Service Pack 2 and I am using
the Windows installer named "Zope-3.2.0.win32-py2.4.exe". I installed
ActiveState's Python 2.4.2 first and the Windows Installer found it and
compiled everything then it just said it was done with the post
installation process and gave me a "Finish" button, it didn't ask to
create an instance, create a Windows service, etc.... I was able to find
in the README.TXT of the tgz package how to create an instance and how
to start it but I would think the installer would do all that. The
install doc I am reading is "The Zope Book 2.6" and on page 46 - 47 I am
not seeing the same install dialogs. Is the installer failing at some
point or should I be using a stable install from the 2.x branch instead
of using version 3.2.0?

The download page says that 3.2.0 is the stable version of the 3.x
branch but I did notice in the welcome message for this mailing list it
says "Note that Zope 3 is currently only intended for Python developers"
which I am not......


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