ksmith99 wrote:
> I would add ZPT, skins and increasingly formlib to the list of things to
> learn. +1 on demos vs. tutorials. A good working demo functions as both a
> tutorial and a testimonial. 
> I think right off the bat, the bookmarker app should be incrementally
> expanded. Evolving the app *is* the power of Zope3. 
> Other apps that start off easy but can grow increasinly complex fast.
>  * blog
>  * wiki

Wiki is already there (ZWiki ported to Zope3). Hard to call it demo, but
 worth looking into. Other candidates:
 * photo (media) album
 * bug tracker
 * shoping basket (pluggable)
 * simple library system
 * web calendar
 * guest book
 * calculator
 * chat
 * poll
 * FAQ management
 * forum

> I've been wanting to put together a Concept Map companion to the Bookmarker
> tutorial. If anyone is interested in helping out please give me a buzz, and
> I'll setup a collaborative concept map.

Roman Suzi

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