I'm writing a folderish content class.

That has a site manager, and some children. And the site
manager has a catalog and some FieldIndex.
It looks like:

  +-- child-1
  +-- child-2
  +-- child-3
  +-- ++etc++site
      +-- default
          +-- Intids
          +-- Catalog
              +-- FieldIndex-1
              +-- FieldIndex-2
              +-- FieldIndex-3

I'm trying to populate the parent in the subscriber of
ObjectAddedEvent of the parent. Before the creation and
addition of (child-1,2,3), 'Catalog' and 'Intids' are
registered and activated already, FieldIndexes are aloso

I hoped that children would be cataloged, but they didn't.

and I've made an export/import view for that folder, where
I succceeded to catalog children. basically both uses the 
same code. simply like:

     parent[u'the name of the child'] = Child()

What I'm missing for?
It'd be happy to hear anything you tell me.

Watanabe, Katsutoshi

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