Shane Hathaway wrote:

I've been assigned to present Zope in a local upcoming Python user group meeting. As part of the assignment, I'm supposed to solve the PyWebOff challenge using Zope:

I'd like to do this using Zope 3. However, I'm really struggling. I feel like I must be using Zope 3 in a really dumb way, because the code so far is highly repetitive, completely dependent on Zope, and more XML than Python. This is not going to go over well in the presentation.

Can anyone tell me how to do this better with Zope 3? Maybe my Zope 2 experience is preventing me from seeing something obvious. I've attached the and configure.zcml that I created in a package called "challenge".

I agree, the and configure.zcml are pretty dry reading.

I reckon you could start your PUG presentation from "the end" (so to speak) by presenting one (or more) doctests.

One you have your captive audience, then go the the start.

Take a Test-Driven-Development approach.
It's easy to disgest an application (and zope) in test case sizes.
And as each need arise, bring in the appropriate ZCML to showcase it value.

This may help distill the python, zope and zcml.

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