Jeff Shell wrote:
Argh. Darn that user group meeting being down in Utah Valley. Don't
they consider the fact that there may be Utahn's who still try to
cling to a car-free urban lifestyle notion (especially when they live
and work on the same block)? :) Tell them to come up by my house.
Terrific restaurants, delis, italian markets, etc. Some of the best
Thai food in the city...

Well, as for me and a couple other regular attendees, the meeting is about 50 feet away from work. ;-)

Anyways, it's too late to help you for the user group meeting in
question, but I'd like to take this on as a personal little challenge,
seeing if I can come up with a more interesting and "pleasing to the
Python developer" solution. Maybe you can show it next month as an
alternate option?

I would be happy to present your solution. I think they'd be happy to see it, too.

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