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Jeff Shell wrote:

Yes it does. And I hate it. At Bottlerocket, we're a very small
company. We look at Plone and go "alright, how do we make it do less?
how do we turn this thing off, and this thing off, and this thing off,
and this thing off? why is it so slow? and it still doesn't do the
page we need to do. Let's just write our own CMS".

Apparently many people disagree with you.

Google hits:
**27,700,000* for **Plone****
***23,600,000* for **Zope**
*14,800,000* for **Zope -Plone**

I'll note a few observations about why Plone is popular:

 - it's driven by the UI ...
- ... so people who see it are drawn to it: "this is pretty, I'd like to use it for something"...
 - ... those people end up on mailing lists and chatrooms...
 - ... where they are generally well-received, cared for and nurtured...
 - ... and they end up at a sprint or conference....
- ... where they meet a whole bunch of really cool people that they identify with... - ... and they contribute documentation, start writing products, and start helping out in other ways... - ... not at least because the Plone community strives to make that as easy and rewarding for them as possible

 - it's driven by a business model ...
- ... so the people who contribute also make their living on it as Max does...
 - ... so they all carefully market and evangelise about it....
- ... and ofen try to factor things they've written for customers down into the core... - ... and take every user very seriously, making those users feel welcome, back to the point above

 - it's driven by end-user features that have business value...
- ... so those features tend to be well-integrated and mulled over by people with real users making real money off their development...
 - ... and are chosen not to dilute the brand

- it's a product, not a framework - it's easier to sell a product than a framework to a real user... - ... although it has grown rather too much framework of its own, partially because of bad decisions, partially because of inertia and politics lower down the stack, partially because it seemed like a good idea at the time but as the world evolves, certain solutions have become less ideal



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