I think a calendar app is an outstanding idea, and I would certainly help.
I've gotten 3 different books on Zope 3 and Plone, and I still really can't get my head around it.  When compared to Rails and Django, Zope3 doesn't have those simple yet thorough examples to really get you going.
A beginner's tutorial needs to be thorough, showing how to handle CSS, updates, and so on.  I look at Schooltool and am very impressed with their calendar app, but don't know how to start analyzing it.
Also, a calendar app would be good to help transition developers from the database world to the ZODB world.  How do you create one-to-many tables in Zope?  Or Many-to-many tables with an intermediary table?  Is there a way to maintain the relations between these tables?  How do I pull data out of these tables to analyze in Excel?  I would gladly help in any good-sized tutorial like this. 
As an aside, I first looked at Zope back in 1999, and printed out loads of documents, but couldn't get anything working.  Zope3 is extremely powerful stuff, but I keep reading around the web how frustrated people get with it.  It's good seeing how people here want to put together tutorials and keep pushing Zope.

On 2/28/06, Adam Summers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

I'll happily work with people to do some work on a simple calendar tool,
provided that there are 1-2 people who are willing to also put some work
in on it -- and others are willing to crtique it.
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