I've started to create a few components with Zope-3.2.
Until now, everything is OK for simple content components and a few utilities.

I'm actually trying to develop new adapters.
One of these adapters is designed to use annotations, but I can't make it working in Zope3 management interface : page link is displayed correctly, in my "editform" properties provided by my interface are displayed and modified apparently correctly, but introspector show that these properties are stored as "simple" attributes and not as annotations ; adapter's code is never called !
I've probably missed something, so here are the steps I followed :
- create custom interface => OK
- create adapter => apparently OK
- define adapter in main "configure.zcml" file => OK
- define "editform" in browser's "configure.zcml" => probably bad !

Thanks for any help on this probably simple problem,


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