Hi Swiss Easter Sprinters,

Sorry I don't have each email address right now, and hope to catch you via the zope3-dev and zope3-users mailing list.

I setup a mailinglist at [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Please subscribe yourself to the list.

You can do this by sending a mail with the email address you like to subscribe with a additional body like:

Subscribe sprint YOUR NAME

You can also get a help mail with subscribe or unsubscribe information if you send a mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED] with the word help in the mail body.

If you have problems, send me a note and I will add your email address for you.

Please subscribe to this list because we will send additional information via this list and use it to schedule the sprint
and we also start to discuss the sprint topics there.

You are not a sprint participant?
If you are interessted, feel free to add yourself to the list or drop me note if I can do it for you.

Roger Ineichen
Projekt01 GmbH
Boesch 65
6331 H├╝nenberg
phone     +41 (0)41 781 01 78
mobile    +41 (0)79 340 52 32
fax       +41 (0)41 781 00 78
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