Michael Howitz wrote:
Am Mittwoch, den 05.04.2006, 09:36 -0500 schrieb Jeff Rush:

I know that Zope3 dropped 'implicit' acquisition, but is there any support for *explicit* acquisition that walks the __parent__ containment hierarchy. Something that follows the same rules as traverse() to look up a name, but from bottom-to-top instead of traverse() from top-to-bottom?

for a project we wrote the following function. It climbes up the
conatinment hierachy until it finds an object which implements the given

<snip function source>

Thanks Michael for the function. It seems very useful and I'll add it to my toolkit.

J├╝rgen made me aware of the ++acquire++NAME pathing and I've come up with a solution using that approach.

I have three levels of containers; ventures, ledgers, entries.

When producing views of ledgers, I wanted to be able to display the venture's name, "context/venture/legalname", and when displaying a ledger entry, the ledger's description, "context/ledger/desc".

By adding to my venture class,

  def venture(self):
      return self

And to the ledger class,

  def ledger(self):
      return self

I am now able to do things like:

  <span tal:content="context/++acquire++venture/legalname" />
  <span tal:content="context/++acquire++/ledger/desc" />

It might be interesting to add your function as a namespace, and do:

  <span tal:content="context/++interface++IVenture/legalname" />

Your approach is more general, not requiring the building in of support for "return self" in each container class.

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