Hi all,
I must just be overlooking something, but i'm running into a
problem... (could be that it's 4:00a on a saturday morning, and i'm
writing code for work.  that alone might be my problem ;) ).

I have a url like the following:

the trouble is, I can't seem to figure out how to get the id= bit back
from the request.  i've read the help on BrowserRequest and
HTTPRequest, and I can see that in _environ there should be a
"QUERY_STRING" associated with the request, if there are positional
arguments.  however, i can't seem to get at them. 
request.getPositionalArguments just returns ().

basically, i've set up a two-phase registration page, where a user can
register, and a link, along with username and password, is mailed to
them.  I'd like for them to just be able to click the link, have it
hit a view that can process that link, and redirect them to the login

the registration and emailing of the link works just fine.  but the
link itself won't process.  i have "activate.html" set up as a page
name for a form i built in formlib...  activate is actually the method
i want to call, but even trying the url with activate?id=9999 doesn't
do anything.

i'm at a loss for what to do next.  where should i look to figure this
out?  and does formlib even support this kind of thing, or should i be
using something else?


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